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Smart sockets vs

Smart sockets vs

Did you know not all smart sockets are created equal? Our plug sockets may look standard, but they're engineered for capabilities beyond the ordinary.

How do smart sockets measure up to

Device identification

An average smart socket doesn’t immediately identify devices – it requires tedious, manual labelling of each socket and device combination. This also relies on all the devices staying in the same place.

Our AI-powered sockets automatically identify devices, saving users time, and allowing for free movement and seamless adaptation to hot-desking and flexible office setups.

Device energy state

After the device type is identified, the energy state needs to be assessed. Again, traditional smart sockets demand manual configuration, and sometimes even programming, for each device to analyse energy states. This proves time-consuming and impractical especially when devices are relocated or labels need updating.

Our sockets automatically identify connected devices and their energy states, enabling the system to assess energy efficiency and waste. Active power, one of the 12 parameters we measure, contributes to a comprehensive understanding of energy consumption and optimisation opportunities.

A smart socket adapter connected to an AC wall power point.


Wasted energy elimination

Smart sockets rely on user-scheduled on/off settings, which requires manual configuration for each socket or group. Adapting to the building’s changing energy patterns requires further manual adjustments.

Our system streamlines this process. It automatically identifies and addresses wasteful device usage, adapting dynamically to fluctuations in energy consumption. Users can select the level of automation they’re comfortable with, either by setting their own rules or taking suggestions from the system.


Standard smart sockets pose risks in business environments due to inadequate data security. Their basic encryption often fails to meet strict IT security protocols, exposing businesses to potential breaches.

Our socket has both IASME IoT Cyber Assurance and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications, the only one on the market to achieve this distinction. This unique certification has secured our system approvals in high-security sectors like banking, healthcare, and military manufacturing.


Overloaded plug sockets and faulty equipment contribute to over 10,000 accidental commercial building fires each year. Most smart sockets have no safety features and have even been proven to cause fires.

 Our plug sockets are inbuilt with automatic safety switch-offs when unsafe usage is detected. In addition, the system sends an alert when:

  • Sockets are running close to limits for sustained periods of time.
  • Fuses blow in fused spurs.

Carbon intensity and behavioural change

Our sockets optimise energy use based on real-time carbon intensity. We leverage the National Grid Carbon Intensity API  , displayed via a traffic light system directly on the socket. Green signifies low-carbon periods, promoting sustainable usage, while red indicates high-carbon times, encouraging conservation.

Average smart sockets lack this capability and would require manual data compilation, a time-consuming and error-prone method. In addition, they cannot make a decision in real-time about reducing carbon emissions.


While basic smart sockets work for small projects, manual setup limits scalability and hidden costs outweigh savings. Scaling to thousands or even hundreds becomes expensive, with slow payback periods.

Our plug sockets overcome these limitations. Designed for cost-effective large-scale deployment, they offer:

  • Effortless setup: No manual intervention needed, eliminating administration burden.
  • No extra hardware: Utilise existing building Wi-Fi, saving time and costs by avoiding additional connectivity disruption.
  • Measurable savings: Energy, cost, and emissions savings with payback typically in months.



Forget the limitations of conventional smart sockets.

Our plug sockets harness machine learning to deliver scalability, energy and emission reductions, and significant cost savings.

Now, that’s a real (smart) socket.

Experience the power of a socket that goes beyond just smart.

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