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Want our sockets in your home?

We’re working hard to get our plug sockets available for UK homes.

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Reduce your bills and carbon emissions

Automatically turn off your devices to save money and minimise your environmental impact.

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Automatically switch your devices on and off

Once our system has learnt about how you use your devices, it will automatically turn them on and off to save you at least 20% on your electricity bills. It does this by monitoring the energy signatures of your devices, identifying when they’re being used and when they’re in standby mode.

For example, if you work in an office 9am-5pm, the system may recommend you have your monitors and laptop chargers turned off outside of these times.

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Adopt behavioural change

You can reduce your carbon emissions even further by using the LED indicator on our sockets to consider when to power your devices.

Our sockets show the carbon intensity of your electricity in real-time, directly from the National Grid. Use the traffic light system to make greener choices and reduce your emissions. A green light signals low carbon intensity, and a red light shows high carbon intensity.

When it’s green, your energy’s clean – if it’s red, put your devices to bed!

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" have cut our energy use by 59% and carbon emissions by 40%."

On-site Manager | Kier Group

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How it works

Our plug sockets recognise your devices, monitor their energy consumption, and switch them off when they're not needed.


Know what devices you’ve got plugged in, where these are and what they’re doing.

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See how much energy you’re using and carbon emissions you’re producing.

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Start eliminating wasted energy

Minimise your carbon emissions and reduce your electricity costs by at least 20%.

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