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Meet the team

We’re an agile team with a combined technical skill, industry knowledge and intelligence to make real environmental change.

Senior leadership

Dan Williams Headshot, Chief Commercial Officer (CEO).

Dan Williams

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

I lead the team, helping improve environmental sustainability with our unique technology. Alongside Josh, I started the company to solve a simple problem, to give businesses an accurate way to identify and measure their small power waste, and to reduce it – exists to create real environmental change, at scale.

My background is in sustainability and energy impact, working with Microsoft's software services during my engineering doctorate. Over the past decade, I’ve created strategies for Google, Telstra, Heathrow Airport, and the BBC to name a few.

Headshot of Josh, Chief Technology Officer.

Josh Eadie

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

I lead the development of our innovative technology, giving organisations huge amounts of data on their small power energy use, so they can make a tangible difference to our planet, right now. By using just 100 of our sockets, companies can save 3.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions, every year.

Like Dan, I’ve got an engineering doctorate, specialising in machine learning theory and robotics, working in partnership with Thales. My studies ignited a passion to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of technology, something I embody within the team.

Headshot of Dave, Chief Commercial Officer.

Dave Wardell

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

I’m responsible for our commercial operations, from marketing awareness, lead generation and business development to onboarding and customer satisfaction. My focus is to ensure we make the biggest possible impact for customers, the business and the environment. 

My recent experience is in environmental tech and I’ve worked with a number of startups, so when I heard about the vision and saw the product, I had to join! 

Headshot of Susan, Chief Financial Officer.

Susan Harvey  

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

I’m responsible for overseeing all financial operations, like accounting, payroll and supply chain management. Additionally, I provide strategic support to Dan and the Board. 
My role also involves optimising our financial systems and internal processes, ensuring seamless scalability as we continue to expand. 

Customer Success

Headshot of Mashal, Head of Customer Success.

Mashal Sadiq

Head of Customer Success

I head up our customer success and support team, working closely with customers to help them get the best out of our technology.

I’m excited to contribute to a better world, assisting organisations in reducing their small power waste and achieving their net zero targets.

Headshot of Soma, Customer Success Manager

Soma Sadiq

Customer Success Manager

In charge of onboarding and training, I ensure our customers gain maximum value from our product. My key focus is delivering exceptional customer experiences—providing timely support.

It feels great to be part of something that starts at a small level but has an impact on the whole world. I am excited about helping become a household name.

Headshot of Sam, Customer Success Manager

Sam Thorneycroft

Customer Success Manager

I'm a problem-solver at heart, and I thrive on collaborating with clients, strategising solutions, and equipping them with the tools they need to succeed. Seeing them achieve profitable results, and continuing the partnership on future projects, brings me the most satisfaction. What drew me to is the opportunity to leverage technology for a greener future while helping organisations reduce costs.

Outside of work, you'll find me exploring the world of music. I love any genre and am always up for trying a new instrument!


Headshot of Diana, Marketing Director.

Diana Kamkina

Marketing Director

I lead our marketing and communications, and I’m on a mission to tell our story to the world by developing a trusted global brand.

I’ve been making small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle for years, but it never seemed enough. Now, I’m using my experience to show organisations how to eliminate wasted energy and CO2 emissions on a large scale.

Headshot of Shanea, Social Media Manager

Shanea Bloise

Social Media Manager

With a tech marketing background, including experience with Adobe and Vestal, I'm inspired by's friendly working environment and growth opportunities.

As a Social Media Manager, I drive our social media presence and website optimisation, as well as managing events. My aim is to expand our global reach, positioning us as leaders in energy efficiency solutions.

Headshot of Sarah, Content Manager.

Sarah Perry

Content Manager

As the content specialist, I write engaging narratives for the customer journey. My aim is to attract, inform (and even surprise) audiences in a dynamic digital landscape, ensuring our mission to reduce wasted energy stands out amid the constant scroll.

As an elder millennial, climate change anxiety is real! I welcome the opportunity to be part of the solution to reduce carbon emissions, help customers achieve their net zero goals and propel forward.


Headshot of James, Head of Sales.

David Kilbey

Sales Director

Driving corporate sector growth, I strategise for new business and customer expansion. With a 20-year sales career focused on transformative technology, I'm passionate about its power to challenge the status quo and reshape businesses. If this can also help fix the world, then I’m in!

I'm drawn to the immediacy of our impact in combating climate change. In a world where time is critical to climate change, you can’t ask for much more than that.

Headshot of James, Head of Sales.

James Hannaford

Head of Sales

I’m responsible for managing and collaborating with existing customers to find opportunities that can further reduce their energy costs and emissions.

I take great pride in helping customers towards their sustainability goals and supporting them to make an impact within their organisations

Headshot of Tammy, Account Manager.

Tammy Ringland

Account Manager

Dedicated to customer relations and supporting sales, I ensure our processes align with customer needs. I have experience of advising clients toward energy efficiency, which sparked my passion for supporting companies on their journey to net zero.

Inspired by Dan and Josh's commitment to sustainability, I look forward to building customer relationships and helping them reduce carbon emissions amid our rapid growth.

Finance and HR

Headshot of Stuti, Finance Assistant.

Stuti Goswami

Finance Assistant

My goal is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of financial procedures, and produce insightful data, to support well-informed decision-making for the company’s financial health and success. Being part of a mission-driven company tackling critical environmental challenges is truly inspiring!

My passion for diverse cultures and cuisines fuels my love for exploring the world.

Headshot of Sally, HR Manager.

Sally Phillips

HR Manager

Bringing over 25 years of HR expertise, and passionate about working with growing SMEs, I help foster a supportive workplace culture to help maintain the team’s enthusiasm for eliminating wasted energy.

As HR Manager, I'll ensure our people strategy supports an inclusive, dynamic workplace. My goal? To maintain compliance with evolving employment laws and continue to make a wonderful place to work.


Headshot of Pedro, Head of Operations.

Pedro Da Silva

Head of Operations

Passionate about renewable energy and sustainability, I leverage my logistics and operations skills to contribute to our green products and services. I am excited about seeing the long-term fiscal and carbon savings we bring to our customers.

I strive for a flexible, efficient, and super-reactive supply chain aligned with our sustainability objectives.

Headshot of Claire, Operations Technician.

Claire Ferris

Operations Technician

I help manage our production process, monitoring incoming stock, shipping items and completing quality assurance on our products – my attention to detail pays dividends here!

I'm proud to be part of a team that’s supporting businesses to achieve a more sustainable future.


Headshot of Adam Wright, Product Director

Adam Wright

Product Director

As the leader of product management and proposition functions, my role revolves around ensuring our products align with customer needs and market demands.

With a background in Environmental Science and Marine Science, what drew me to is the rarity of finding a product that aligns commercial viability with environmental benefits, coupled with an incredible team spirit.

The sky is the limit for the platform, it does so much more than eliminating wasted energy in buildings. Demonstrating its value across diverse industries and global markets is a key challenge that I'm up for. 

Headshot of Jacob, Quality and Product Lead.

Jacob French

Quality and Product Lead

With a background in environmental resource management and experience in sustainability advocacy and operations management, I was drawn to for its innovative approach to sustainability in the built environment.

As Product and Quality lead, I focus on internal product development, quality assurance, compliance with ISO standards, and ESG monitoring. My goal is to drive efficiency, safety, and scalability, propelling us towards a regenerative future by eliminating wasted energy.


Headshot of Rob, Head of Engineering.

Rob Smart

Head of Engineering

I lead our engineering team and the development of our software. My goal is to continuously improve and grow our capabilities to reduce energy waste and emissions.

On top of my degrees in geology and geographical information systems, I have extensive experience in developing software and hardware solutions.

Headshot of Paul, Senior Firmware Engineer

Paul Lepki

Senior Firmware Engineer

I’m excited to be able to help customers reduce their carbon emissions, by looking after our firmware.

I have a background in embedded software but have always remained close to hardware.

Headshot of Siam, Firmware Engineer.

Siam Miah

Firmware Engineer

As a Firmware Engineer with a drive for innovative technology and electronics, I'm passionate about developing pioneering tech that promotes sustainability and empowers a greener future.

I ensure smooth product operation by maintaining and provisioning firmware, while also working to build a robust codebase for our existing and new product range.

Headshot of Richard, Firmware Developer.

Richard Terkovič

Firmware Developer

I support the development of our firmware and am passionate about innovation.

With a MSc in Space Science and Technology, I combine my technical expertise with a unique perspective, including hands-on experience in aerospace projects.

Headshot of Ganga Bisht, Data Engineer.

Ganga Bisht

Data Engineer

I build and manage our data pipelines, collecting data from varied sources and transforming them into usable information for our machine learning process.

Before joining the team, I worked as a data professional and helped businesses with machine learning, data analysis and business intelligence solutions.

Headshot of Nathan, Data Engineer.

Nathan Browne

Data Engineer

I develop and maintain our data warehouse and pipelines. I’m determined to make our data transforms as efficient and rapid as possible!

I have a degree in engineering mathematics, specialising in data modelling, and have previously worked with commercial data engineering and artificial intelligence pipelines.

Headshot of Josh Lynch, Data Engineer.

Josh Lynch

Data Engineer

I help build and maintain our data pipelines, collecting and transforming data for machine learning, and ensure our processes are accurate and robust.

I have a degree in engineering mathematics with previous experience working on data pipelines and championing programming best practices.

Headshot of Karolis, Full Stack Developer

Karolis Kimtys

Full Stack Developer

Drawing from multiple years of industry experience, I develop and maintain's full stack software services.

I’m deeply committed to making a significant, positive impact on the environment, by aiding businesses in their efforts to reduce energy usage.

Headshot of Jing, Full Stack Engineer.

Jing Zu Luk

Full Stack Engineer

I design the cloud infrastructure of our product, ensuring that customers can seamlessly interact with their sockets using our hub.

I love working on automation projects to make businesses and homes smarter and more efficient in energy use.

Headshot of Sandra, Software Developer.

Sandra Margol

Software Developer

I design, develop and maintain the hub, making sure this is as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

One of the best parts of my role is creating something that’s never existed before!


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