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We’re working hard to get our plug sockets available for UK homes.

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Measure your energy use and emissions

See how much energy you’re using and carbon emissions you’re producing.

Get accurate data


Monitor your energy consumption

As soon as you plug a device into one of our plug sockets, our machine learning technology starts to measure its energy use in real time. You can see how much electricity your devices consume in different energy states, like when they’re fully powered or on standby.

The power used by all your devices is added up to give you a clearer picture of how much energy you’ve consumed overall and how much this has cost, based on your current energy rate.

You can even compare different time ranges to see how your usage has changed.


Calculate your carbon emissions

We measure the carbon emissions of all your devices. Our sockets are synced with carbon intensity data from the National Grid, so we can determine the carbon emissions you’re producing based on your energy usage. Even better, you can see this as an overall total or at a device level, helping you to identify your biggest emitters.

All that data can then be used to report on your progress towards achieving net zero.


Detect power anomalies

Our sockets detect sudden spikes in energy use. Unexpected changes in consumption can indicate that there’s a fault with one of your devices, alerting you that they may require preventative maintenance.

This also acts as a vital safety measure, helping you stop serious incidents like fires.


Set energy use limits

Want to stop certain devices from being used? We’ve got you covered.

On our dashboard, you can set energy limits to prevent high energy use devices like portable heaters and battery packs from being turned on.

" has given us a very simple and quick way to fully report our energy and emissions, whilst seeing our wasted energy."

On-site Manager | Kier

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How it works

Our plug sockets recognise your devices, monitor their energy consumption, and switch them off when they're not needed.


Know what devices you’ve got plugged in, where these are and what they’re doing.

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Automatically turn your devices on and off to save money and minimise your carbon footprint.

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Start eliminating wasted energy

Minimise your carbon emissions and reduce your electricity costs by at least 20%.

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