Eliminating Wasted Energy in Buildings

Prevent CO2 emissions
Reduce electricity bills by at least 20%

We help you reach Net Zero

We combine our unique smart sockets with machine learning to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy costs.
Our technology changes user behaviour and eliminates Small Power waste.

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Calculations based on average electricity price of 30p/kWh and using DSR for 10% of the time. Net savings are the yearly savings after initial payback which is typically under 2 years.

Measurable Net Zero

Small Power can exceed 40% of total electricity usage in office buildings. Up to half of that is from powering devices while not in use which results in avoidable GHG emissions.

Eliminate Small Power waste to accelerate your Net Zero goal.

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Measurable savings

Our solution pays back within 2 years and allows businesses to reduce electricity bills by at least 20%.

As energy prices climb this saving only climbs with it, allowing your business to absorb the damage from rising energy costs.

Measurable data

Get a level of insight that was not available before.

We measure your exact usage of Small Power energy per socket. This data shows when and where energy is in use or wasted. You can report on your reductions in energy use and GHG emissions.

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Ready to save energy?

How do we achieve all of this?

Our solutions are designed to provide lasting sustainable change to the way people use energy

Our power sockets are combined with machine learning and software. This allows sockets to automatically identify devices plugged in, monitor their energy use, report granular real-time data and automatically turn devices on/off to avoid wasted energy.

In addition, the sockets use light to indicate the live carbon intensity of the National Grid. This drives effective behavioural change as occupants choose to wait for ‘greener’ energy supply.

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Secure by design

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Built with security integrated into our hardware and software from the start. Updated on regular basis to keep your business secure. We use hardware cryptography on our power sockets to encrypt data before it’s transmitted.

Our hardware is independently certified to conform to CE directives and British Standard 1363. The real-time feedback of building behaviour and infrastructure will transform building security, safety and maintenance.

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User behaviour impact

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The light on the socket displays a colour range that indicates the carbon intensity of the National Grid, from red for fossil fuels to green for renewables. This means that occupants can see their impact on GHG emissions instantly.

When occupants onboard, we see added GHG savings as people adjust their behaviour to use energy when it’s green.

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Go further with DSR

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Through our m.e Virtual Load we connect to Demand Side Response systems (DSR). This link helps avoid transmission and distribution costs at peak periods of Grid use. It also provides ‘balancing’ services back to the Grid through smart use of energy.

The m.e Platform has cut our job site energy use and carbon emissions by 40%. We’re genuinely excited to take m.e with us to every project. This is more than just saving money, it’s about making environmental sustainability part of our value to customers.

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On-site Manager, Kier

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