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Want our sockets in your home?

We’re working hard to get our plug sockets available for UK homes.

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Achieve your net zero goals

The UK is on a mission to decarbonise all industries by 2050. Every business will need to play its part to reach this goal and our technology can help you achieve that.

Make net zero measurable


Identify your small power waste

A printer left on overnight, a monitor sat in standby mode and a hot water tap boiling away when nobody is in the office – all that excess usage is what we call small power waste.

Our plug sockets automatically identify your devices and measure their energy use, so you can find out how much electricity you’re consuming and what carbon emissions you’re generating.


Reduce your emissions

Our technology actively reduces your CO2 emissions, switching your devices off when they aren’t needed and back on again when they are. All the carbon emissions you would have produced by leaving your devices on are eliminated, minimising your impact whilst protecting our environment.


Report your carbon footprint

On our dashboard, you can access interactive reports on your carbon emissions, including the amount you’ve produced and the carbon intensity of the electricity you’ve used.

You can see the CO2 emissions you’ve produced by building, floor, room, and even individual devices, making it easier than ever to track your environmental impact against your sustainability goals.

Our solutions

Our technology supports you to achieve your net zero goals, reduce your overheads and streamline your processes.

Reduce your

Get a return on investment within two years and save 20% plus on electricity bills.

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Streamline your processes

Introduce automations to monitor and control your devices remotely.

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Start eliminating wasted energy

Minimise your carbon emissions and reduce your electricity costs by at least 20%.

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