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Secure sockets for smarter buildings

Secure sockets for smarter buildings

At, we understand the importance of creating a secure and sustainable smart building environment. That's why our AI-sockets are packed with robust safeguards designed to keep your data protected and your workspace running smoothly.

What we do

Our innovative AI-driven sockets are designed to optimise energy consumption by eliminating wasted small power, helping you save energy effortlessly.

By using machine learning, our sockets monitor and report energy usage through a WiFi connection to ensure continuous and efficient performance. Connecting to your WiFi network means we prioritise top-tier security measures to protect your data and keep your system secure at all times.

Discover the comprehensive security features that make our AI-sockets the best choice for a smart, secure, and energy-efficient building environment.

Comprehensive security features

  • Rock-solid encryption: Our sockets utilise WPA2 PSK 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, guaranteeing robust encryption for all communication. Bandwidth usage stays minimal, typically at 6 Mb/day ensuring smooth performance without compromising security.

  • Complete access control: You have complete control over your data. Our sockets operate within a highly secure network, employing thorough access control measures. Only necessary ports are open, and communication occurs solely with our secure cloud platform through a special design that isolates the network. Each socket also possesses its own unique encryption key for an extra layer of protection.

  • Industry-leading certifications: Our commitment to security is validated by numerous industry-leading certifications. These include Cyber Essentials, Plus, and IASME IoT Cyber Assurance, confirming our adherence to strict security standards. Additionally, ISO 27001 certification guarantees comprehensive information security management, leaving no room for vulnerabilities.

Device & data security

  • Secure manufacturing and data storage: Our sockets are manufactured in the UK and undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest industry standards. Data generated by the platform is stored securely in GDPR-compliant territories within the EU West location, providing complete peace of mind regarding data privacy and compliance.

  • Secure boot and encryption: We safeguard your data at every level. Our sockets are provisioned in-house using Secure Boot methodology, ensuring only authorised firmware runs on them. Data remains constantly protected thanks to encryption at rest and in transit, coupled with secure boot and individual device keys.

  • Data anomaly detection: Our commitment extends beyond product features. We continuously monitor our platform servers 24/7, actively identifying and addressing any unusual activity. This ensures the integrity and security of your data at all times.

Empowering users with control

  • Granular user permissions: With, you're in charge. Our platform features a tiered permission system, allowing you to define access levels for administrators and individual users, from organisation-wide control down to specific device management.

  • Convenience and added security: For user-friendliness and enhanced security, we support Single Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft Azure AD and enforce mandatory Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all accounts.

Experience unmatched security and peace of mind offered by sockets.

Build a smarter, sustainable, and secure future. Request a consultation today!

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