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What is small power?

Discover the significance of small power in your building's energy usage.

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Heating, ventilation and lighting are the big hitters when it comes to energy consumption. But what about small power?
Let’s dive into what it is, how it affects your daily energy consumption, and impacts your bills.

What is small power?

Small power refers to the electricity used by everyday devices like computers, monitors, printers, and hot water taps that are connected to power sockets or fused spurs.

It's also known as plug load or miscellaneous electric load. Essentially, anytime you plug in a device to an electrical outlet, you are tapping into small power.

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Understanding its impact

Small power might seem insignificant compared to large-scale energy consumption, but its collective impact may be surprising. In fact, it adds up to a substantial portion of total electricity usage in most commercial and office buildings, accounting for a staggering 40%.

Even more concerning, up to half of this power is wasted when devices are left on standby or unused overnight, weekends, or even during meetings. This constant drain adds up quickly, impacting both your budget and the environment by creating unnecessary carbon emissions.

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Our plug sockets target small power by measuring the usage of devices, automatically turning them on and off to eliminate wasted energy in buildings.

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Short-term solutions

While you consider long-term solutions, here are some simple actions you can take in the interim to minimise small power waste:

  • Turn it off: Encourage employees to power down computers and monitors when not in use, even for short breaks. This simple change can significantly reduce wasted energy.
  • Embrace the power strip: Equip workstations with power strips that allow employees to easily switch off multiple devices at once, eliminating standby power drain.
  • Upgrade to efficiency: When replacing office equipment, prioritise models with energy-saving features. This small investment can lead to substantial cost savings over time. 


Our solutions

Our technology supports you to achieve your net zero goals, reduce your electricity costs and improve your energy efficiency.

Achieve your net zero goals

Minimise your CO2 emissions and report back on your carbon footprint.

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Improve your energy efficiency

Introduce automations to monitor and control your devices remotely.

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Start eliminating wasted energy

Minimise your carbon emissions and reduce your electricity costs by at least 20%.

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