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Fused spurs

Engineered to tackle the challenge of managing high power devices which require fused connection units and are often in hard-to-reach places.

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What is a fused spur?

A fused spur is an electrical accessory used to connect appliances or devices to the mains power supply. It typically consists of a single socket with an integrated fuse, providing a safe and convenient way to power individual devices. Fused spurs are commonly used for appliances such as pumps, heaters, and boilers.

Our fused spurs

Our AI-powered fused spurs minimise your carbon emissions, helping you to achieve your net zero goals, whilst reducing your electricity costs by at least 20%. Plus, like no other, our fused spurs can detect when the fuse has blown, providing you with quicker and easier appliance maintenance.



Accurate energy use data

Our fused spurs use AI technology to accurately measure energy use and carbon emissions of plugged-in devices such as heaters, boilers, and pumps. Providing detailed data accessible via our online dashboard.

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Energy management

Fused spurs automatically create rule sets based on user routines to switch off idle devices, optimising energy usage and saving both time and money.

Also, receive alerts for blown fuses, eliminating the need for manual investigation, to ensure uninterrupted device operation.

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Wi-fi connectivity and data security

Our fused spurs seamlessly connects to existing Wi-Fi networks and features built-in memory to preserve usage patterns and rules even without internet access

Prioritising data security, our technology employs hardware-based and cloud encryption, adhering to UK government’s Code of Practice for IoT (Internet of Things) Security. We’re also part of the IoT Security Assured scheme and are Cyber Essentials PLUS certified.

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As with most modular buildings, there are a lot of fused spurs, so we’ve been working with the team to get these developed and added to their product range.

Group Sustainability Manager | Wernick Group

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Installation and specifications

For your safety, our switches must be installed by a competent person, in line with local building regulations. We recommend using a qualified electrician listed on the Registered Competent Person Electrical website.

Alternatively, we can help you source an electrician from our network of trained individuals.

Category Description
Amp rating
13 A
Power voltage supply
100-250 V AC
Power consumption
<0.5 W
Operating temperature
-10°C to +40°C
Operating humidity
0-95% RH, no condensation
Number of earth terminals
Number of gangs
86 x 86 x 29 mm
Minimum back box depth required
25 mm deep
Switched - double pole
Flex outlet
Wi-Fi support
2.4 GHz
Wi-Fi security
BS1363, UKCA and CE 
10-year guarantee for manufacturing faults and defects

Our technology

By minimising carbon emissions, our technology helps you achieve net-zero goals while reducing costs.

Plug sockets

Our plug sockets, powered by AI, automatically identify and eliminate small power waste from your devices, reducing both carbon emissions and electricity bills.

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All the data about your devices is sent to our online dashboard. Here, you can access reports on your energy use and CO2 emissions and review the rules sets on your socket and fused spur.

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