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Want our sockets in your home?

We’re working hard to get our plug sockets available for UK homes.

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Cut your energy costs

With energy prices rising, it’s never been more important to minimise your costs, without sacrificing your sustainability goals.

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Save at least 20% on electricity bills

Our plug sockets learn about your energy usage, switching your devices off when they're not in use to reduce your electricity bills by a minimum of 20%. When this is combined with behavioural change, bills can be minimised even further, giving you the best savings possible.

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Get a quick return on investment

Your savings are optimised by our machine learning, giving you a payback within 2 years. Depending on what devices you’re plugging in, this can be as quick as a few months – have a read through our case studies to see just how fast it is!

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Pay a fair price

Being sustainable shouldn’t cost you the earth, which is why we don’t believe in huge implementation costs and extensive fees for maintenance and support, like traditional building management systems. We simply charge a one-off fee to cover the cost of all your sockets and a monthly subscription fee to access your data via our dashboard.

If you ever want to leave us (we hope you don’t!), your sockets will still work, meaning you'll always have power.

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"We achieved an incredible 89% reduction in energy use for our bottle fridges, resulting in an impressive £12,000 yearly cost saving."

Hospitality Energy Saving & Sustainability | Senior Consultant

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Our solutions

Our technology supports you to achieve your net zero goals, reduce your overheads and streamline your processes.

Achieve your net zero goals

Minimise your CO2 emissions and report back on your carbon footprint.

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Improve your energy efficiency

Introduce automations to monitor and control your devices remotely.

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Start eliminating wasted energy

Minimise your carbon emissions and reduce your electricity costs by at least 20%.

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