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Want our sockets in your home?

We’re working hard to get our plug sockets available for UK homes.

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Plug sockets

Our plug sockets minimise your carbon emissions, helping you to achieve your net zero goals, whilst reducing your electricity costs by at least 20%.

Socket types

We offer a range of sockets that can be wall mounted, desk mounted with our extension leads and installed in floor boxes.

A 2 gang plug socket showing a green LED light.

Type G plug sockets

Our 2 gang plug socket is a direct replacement for a standard double gang power socket.

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A Type F plug socket showing a green LED light.

Type F (Schuko) plug sockets

Available late 2024.

New colours available now!

Get ready to elevate your space with our new range of socket and fused spur colours. From bronze to wild purple, we have the perfect hue to match your style. 

We have more colours available, contact sales to find out more.


All our sockets are powered by machine learning technology. When you plug a device in, they automatically recognise this and begin to measure its energy use and carbon emissions.

All this data is then available to view on our online dashboard, known as our hub.

Our sockets have LED indicators, showing you the carbon intensity of your electricity, directly from the National Grid:

  • When it’s green, this means your energy is mainly coming from renewable sources, like wind and solar.
  • When it’s amber, your energy is a mix of renewable and non-renewable sources, like fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) and nuclear energy.
  • When it’s red, your energy is coming from non-renewable sources.

The light helps you consider when it’s best to have your devices switched on, to maximise your reduction in emissions.

Our sockets will automatically make rules to switch off your devices when you're not using them, after learning more about your day-to-day routine. If you need power outside of these times, just press the override button on your socket and you’ll be good to go for two hours.

Our sockets connect to your existing Wi-Fi network to operate and will still have power even if your internet goes down. They also have an inbuilt memory so that any rules that are usually applied will still work and they’ll continue to monitor your energy usage.

Ensuring your data is secure is a top priority, which is why our technology uses a combination of hardware-based and cloud encryption. We actively monitor and assess all security threats and encryption protocol developments, following the UK government’s Code of Practice for IoT (Internet of Things) Security.

We’re also part of the IoT Security Assured scheme and are Cyber Essentials PLUS certified.

Purple background with aqua waveforms on top.

Start eliminating wasted energy

Minimise your carbon emissions and reduce your electricity costs by at least 20%.

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