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PUBLIC Hall reduce small power energy use by 33%

PUBLIC Hall reduce small power energy use by 33%

Read how co-working space PUBLIC Hall eliminated 1,491 kWh of small power waste and reduced their CO2 production by 282kg, using our technology.

Introducing PUBLIC Hall

PUBLIC Hall is a co-working space in Westminster for innovators in GovTech, AI, security and policy. As a champion of brave minds transforming the world for better, they saw a great opportunity in running a pilot with us to positively reduce their carbon footprint.

The team at Public Group International Ltd, explained:

"Transitioning to net zero begins and ends with individual action. It’s in everybody’s best interest to play their part and seek out innovative ways to minimise the impact on the environment." 

Installing our sockets

During the trial, we installed several of our desk-mounted power sockets. These were used to capture data and eliminate wasted energy across a wide variety of devices, including monitors, laptops, chargers, TVs, coffee machines, hot water taps and kitchen equipment.

Our sockets were connected to local Wi-Fi and began collecting baseline data on energy use and carbon emissions.

Achieving reductions

PUBLIC Hall saw significant savings in energy used, carbon emissions and electricity bills. Over a full year, we eliminated 1,491 kWh of small power waste – a 33% reduction – equal to charging 99,300 smartphones. We also helped the team reduce their CO2 production by 282kg, equivalent to five tree seedlings taking in carbon over 10 years.


reduction in energy usage


saved in electricity bills each year*


month payback

*Calculated using a 30p/kWh rate.

Detecting faulty devices

Using our dashboard, the PUBLIC Hall team were also able to identify unusual power activity for the devices plugged into our sockets. This enabled them to carry out preventative maintenance, repairing faulty devices instead of replacing them.

The team commented:

"We continue to be impressed by the sizable gains’s sophisticated technology provides – they’re a vital part of our sustainable future."

Maximising savings

We’re working with the team to help them achieve an additional 10% reduction in energy use through behavioural change. This will unlock a further 452kWh of electricity savings and an 85kg reduction in CO2 emissions.

The team added:

"Our partnership with represents the genuine strides we can take to reduce our emissions and energy consumption."

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