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89% energy reduction hidden in bottle fridges

89% energy reduction hidden in bottle fridges

Hospitality Energy Saving & Sustainability (HESS) found incredible energy savings by using our plug sockets to monitor the energy consumption of bottle fridges.

Sam Mudie, Senior Consultant at HESS, tells us more about the savings:

Introducing the Hospitality Energy Saving & Sustainability (HESS)

We are a leading energy management team in the hospitality sector with over 150 years of combined experience. We increase our customer profitability and sustainability by cutting their energy wastage.

We work with restaurants, pubs, hotels, stadiums, conference facilities, in fact any business where people eat, drink, sleep and are entertained. We ensure they only consume the energy they actually need, whilst also making sure they comply with energy legislation and sustainability targets.

Sam Mudie, hospitality energy saving and sustainability senior consultant crouched down looking inside a bottle fridge.

Uncovering wasted energy

More than 20% of small power energy in commercial buildings is wasted. Usually, this waste comes from having electrical appliances left on or in standby when they’re not in use. helps tackle this waste by automatically identifying the energy state of equipment and powering it off when it’s not needed.

However, there is another, less obvious area where wasted energy can be found.

Over time, fridges, freezers, boilers, and other electrical appliances begin to consume more energy than initially because their parts degrade and become less efficient. Even with regular maintenance, this is unavoidable and difficult to measure. Or it was!

We use's technology to continually measure the energy consumed and emissions produced by various electric appliances. This means that our team can spot any anomalies in the energy usage.

This data allows us and the building teams to conduct informed periodic maintenance and decide when exactly it's the right time to replace equipment.

Time for an upgrade

For example, we measured the energy consumption of 5 double bottle fridges using plug sockets and dashboard. The energy profiles of the fridges showed unusually high and erratic power consumption. Together with the building team, we made the decision to replace the fridges with brand new, efficient ones.

Hospitality Energy Saving & Sustainability dashboard  on the hub showing their fridges energy use comparison.

Already in the first week the results were clear and simply incredible! By identifying the wasted energy and replacing the equipment, these savings were achieved:


reduction in energy use of the 5 fridges


saving on yearly energy costs*

*Savings calculated using a 30p/kWh rate.

Over next 5 years, the savings will amount to £60,000 and over 20 tonnes of carbon emissions will be avoided.

Spurring on the savings

We’re highly impressed with the sockets and the data available. We look forward to keep working with as part of our future projects.

We’re also really excited about the fused spurs being added to the product line. In the hospitality industry, the appliances are often more power-hungry and thus connected via fused connection units. The new fused spurs will allow us to gain even more data and deliver greater savings to our customers.

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