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An infographic of a circular economy line, showing a scheme of product life cycle from raw material to production, consumption, recycling.

Business benefits of circular economy practices

As businesses face increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact and operate more sustainably, adopting circular economy principles can provide significant benefits. By embracing practices such as reusing and recycling resources,...

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smart socket and measurable energy socket side by side on a purple background.

Smart sockets vs

Did you know not all smart sockets are created equal? Our plug sockets may look standard, but they're engineered for capabilities beyond the...

Read more dashboard, with a graph showing the energy usage of devices plugged into a socket on a office desk.

Discover hidden energy savings of everyday devices

Tired of soaring energy bills and an expanding carbon footprint? What if you could significantly cut both without changing your daily routine?

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An empty office space with monitors and desk lamp on the desk.

Unplug the drain: How much energy are you wasting?

Commercial buildings devour energy, with hidden inefficiencies lurking in every corner. But just how much do everyday appliances contribute to energy...

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Stink Studios logo on white background.

25% energy reduction for Stink Studios

We caught up with Lorraine Sebata, Director of Impact at Stink Studios, to discover how they achieved 25% reduction in energy use and 22% drop in CO2...

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University of Reading and logo on a white background.

60% reduction in our office energy use

Discover how MSc student, Joseph Jacob, tested our technology and reduced our office’s CO2 emissions by 38% and overall energy use by 60%! Our energy...

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Hospitality Energy Saving & Sustainability logo on a white backgground.

89% energy reduction hidden in bottle fridges

Hospitality Energy Saving & Sustainability (HESS) found incredible energy savings by using our plug sockets to monitor the energy consumption of...

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Wernick group logo on a white background.

Building an eco-friendly office

We spoke with Alexis Massey, Group Sustainability Manager at the Wernick Group, to discover how they eliminated 23% of their CO2 emissions in just...

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Specific Swansea university logo on a white background.

Improving our technology through independent testing

We chatted with Hasan Hayat (Technical Business Development Executive) and Rich Lewis (Senior Technology Transfer Fellow) from SPECIFIC, to find out...

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University of Reading logo on a white background.

Taking a bite out of energy waste

We caught up with Sam Mudie, Energy Officer at the University of Reading, to find out how how the installation of our sockets led to the elimination...

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