More than smart buildings: we focus on smart behaviours

We created the (m.e) Platform from the ground up to offer facilities managers, building owners and occupants with real-time energy and GHG emissions monitoring, automated controls, and data driven actions to avoid carbon emissions.

m.e Power sockets
Enabling simple control and monitoring at scale

m.e Energy management software 
At the heart of the m.e Platform is our software to control and manage energy and emissions, automatically

Machine Learning
To reduce complexity, and implement real impact


From our perspective, eliminating wasted electricity is a big, obvious step towards managing energy and our planet for future generations.

Our mission is to create energy efficient workplaces that inspire people to positively impact energy consumption and environmental sustainability. Our approach is to use technology to seamlessly enable energy efficiency without adding to people’s job lists or interfering with a building’s occupants. is measurable by nature, our cloud software, our hardware and business operations are all measured for environmental impact and managed to be as sustainable as possible. Our hardware is designed to be repaired, recycled and reused wherever possible and our software is designed to use as little data and resource as possible, whilst running on carbon neutral servers.