Dr. Dan Williams

Dan leads the m.e team and has a passion for making a tangible difference to environmental sustainability using technology. Dan kicked off measurable.energy out of a frustration of not enough tangible action being taken to improve sustainability; m.e is designed to make real, measurable impact.

Dan has an Engineering Doctorate which analysed the environmental and energy impacts of Microsoft's software services, and over the past decade he's had a career that created new sustainability strategies for Google and BBC to name a few.

Dr. Josh Eadie

Josh is the technical beating heart of m.e and loves all things technical. Focused on the intersection between hardware, Machine Learning and Big Data, Josh creates and uses innovative technology to generate huge amounts of data that can be used to make a tangible impact on the global sustainable future.

Josh has a PhD that revolved around machine learning theory and robotics; in partnership with Thales, Josh delivered an output that made a tangible change to the world. This passion to make and do carries on into m.e and his technical team.

Chi Nok Enoch Kan

Enoch is a machine learning engineer with backgrounds in biomedical AI R&D and commercialization.

He is responsible for designing measurable.energy’s ML systems to effectively detect and reduce waste energy.

Job French

Jacob leads measurable.energy’s operations, ensuring the company is efficient, safe, and secure for both m.e’s customers and team.

Jacob has a keen interest in the technologies and problems surrounding the future of sustainability in the built environment, and how innovations, such as the measurable.energy platform, can achieve a regenerative future.

Jing Zu Luk

Jing designs the cloud infrastructure of m.e services, ensuring that users can seamlessly interact with their sockets using m.e Hub.

Jing likes to work on home automation projects to make homes smarter and more efficient in energy use.

Ganga Bisht

Ganga builds and manages m.e’s ‘data pipelines’ that collect data from varied sources and transforms them into usable information required for the machine learning process.

Before joining m.e, Ganga worked as a data professional & supported businesses with Machine Learning, Data Analysis and BI solutions. Ganga loves to go for long walks and read a good book.

Adam Wrigth

Adam is all about the strategy, go-to market and commercial functions. An Environmental Scientist by trade with a keen eye for developing and productising new technology. His background spans Product Management, Technical Sales and Operations across global markets.

With measurable.energy, Adam’s ambition is to make the platform and it’s incredible benefits as commercially accessible to as many businesses around the world as possible.

Phil Bond

Phil heads up m.e’s sales function, managing current accounts and is responsible for bringing on board new clients in the UK and Europe being fluent in English, French and German.

Phil is hugely excited to help m.e’s clients on their road to net zero with m.e’s unique and intuitive technology.